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April 9, 2017 by webnavigator
The collective speaks
The collective talks
The collective walks

But where the collective ends
In the individual
The power
to be one
To be all
To be standing tall

Love is the key
The antidote
To the one key power of note
The collective holds
The power of a billion minds

The collective has no love that binds
So a love so powerful
The one of a mother
A professional lover

Can quell these voices that say "No, go no farther young one; ascend no further!"

As you go...
October 21, 2016 by webnavigator
Like a raindrop passing through a rainbow
My tear drops

Did you blink?
Did you ever think? That perhaps from all the colors in the rainbow
You know
The one teardrop
Reflects like from a Prism
That rainbow from you and I
Pain and suffering

A road to success quite often stressed by mediocre minds that have too many confines; will get you down and down the rewind. They're completely blind. They have no idea what's on our mind. They ...
July 23, 2016 by webnavigator
(Something I believe firmly that I myself wrote years ago now on a famous facebook group yay! Change the world! )

As long as you believe in an external world, as long as
you trust that politicians have the power to govern your outer life
and religions to put order in your inner one, you will be deeply
disappointed. ...See the world as it is - a simultaneous creation of
your inner being. According to your inner states and conditions, the
world appears and disappears at will, and can beco...
July 8, 2016 by webnavigator
By Joshua Hitching
October 31st;winds stay still;
Last leaf fell
Raking the remains

Halloween present
Candies passing.
Trick or treating and eating.

Observing the last leaf as it falls
Enjoying the past times.
And present.

One good drift of wind
How good it feels on my chin.
The autumn colors red, orange, and yellow.

Shorts, tee-shirts
Unpack the sweatshirts
Winter comes far and near the bitter cold and frightful weather.

Of November
June 12, 2016 by webnavigator
By Joshua Hitching *C*There And Thereafter

There it lay
an array
of knowledge

Before us
We look forward
See our future
Pass through time

We look behind us
See our past
See how that big sailing mast drove us past
Wish it was bigger
That we did
Sometimes, you have to be a kid.

The moment
The present
Is when importance is foremost
This is the moment
A future may depend on

Lay in our hands
The means
Of moulding our own

Of ourselves; ther...
June 12, 2016 by webnavigator
By Joshua Hitching

(Note: Wrote this in highs school )

Friendship Eternal

An alliance not easily broken.
Each friendship is unique.
Not everyone has the same critique.
Now don't take that peek
For what you seek is already there.

Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together
Friendship is that bond that you can get quite fond of.
Accusations gossip
My friend stays with me
Through the hard times through the good times my friend never leaves me.

June 12, 2016 by webnavigator
By Joshua Hitching

Crazy Love

It's true
True Blue
Thick 'n' through

Cocmpletely and absolutely

Faith is like love
With faith you believe and trust
With love you see something extravegent wihin that special someone

They say love comes from the brain and not the heart
Little do they realize they're both wrong
Love is like singing a song


Love is knowing who your significant other is
June 12, 2016 by webnavigator
By Joshua Hitching

Fast Food
Fast Fast
Can't fast now

I eat it for comfort
I eat it for some sort of consolement
Fast food certailny doesn't get condoned by the body\
It weighs you down

Drags you six feet under
A bite, a bite
A bite more and it drags you just that much closer
To hell

The church bell rings and I -
Can't think
Can't stop

Mezmorized by my own demise
I realize
I realize...
To my own surprise

Voices in my head
Telling me I'm ...