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Can not add or remove links
Published on February 12, 2022 By webnavigator In Forum Issues

I can not seem to add or remove links and nothing pops up I was using an addblocker and thought that was it but I disabled it for and whitlelisted it ages ago but it still doesn't seem to work even though I've restarted my PC etc

on Feb 12, 2022

Sorry to hear you are having issues. But, not sure on your issue. Could you elaborate more specially on Bloggroll and Fences.

Stardock Community Assistant.

on Feb 13, 2022

Oh for the blogroll won't update or change or do anything I do not know why or how to fix it I've tried to change it on Edge, Chrome, Firefox and nothing seems to work not sure about fences or what you're referring to with that but yeah just referring to the blog links that are viewed on the right hand side of the blog.

on Feb 13, 2022

I have forward your problem/question to Stardock Support Team for their assistance. Please keep an eye on this thread for any updates. We appreciate your feedback and patience.

Stardock Community Assistant

on Mar 09, 2022

also my account is age restricted somehow I'm like 34 this april idk it still seems to think I'm younger than this.

on May 25, 2022

any follow up?

on Apr 03, 2023

It's been a year any follow-up?