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A book I wrote :)
Published on May 29, 2020 By webnavigator In Books

I wrote this book a few months after being the hospital the second time and a few months it took me to write pretty intense stuff and flashbacks writing it but yeah I enjoyed it and now writing the second book 16,000 words in slowly but surely I'm gaining momentum finding things to write about slowly but yeah this is my first project and I put it up for a give-away for 50 copies on goodreads check it out and if you buy it and enjoy it or don't please leave a constructive review I know it's got errors but it's my first work and I'm definitely happy about it It's Christian Sci-Fi. Trips of the mind and such.

Mind of the trip  
Here is the description below.

"The Webrunner a tale of time travel and warping reality to fight demons. The Webrunner is a secret a weapon a mystery. This book takes you through the tales of young Hezekiah who fights demons by illuminating his soul and atoning for his sins. He fights demons in the hospital because he has no choice but to fight for his life as he is in a state of psychosis not once but twice.

The first instance there is a demonic shield that must be torn down by weaving in and through time and space in a small bubble of freedom (hallways of the ward) and Hezekiah teaches friends how to do the same feat of amazing time and space weaving. Like a spider the Webrunner weaves webs through time and space to create holy ground.

The Webrunner's poetry forms the basis of the past,present and future for the Webrunner and teaches him how to manage his new found abilities and talents. Energy manipulation, mind games, mind bending. The Webrunner manages all these aspects to one point. Relationship forming and meeting new people is a hallmark of the book where characters are abundant and a neccessity in the neverending battle between good and evil."

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