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Shitty Customer Service
Published on June 4, 2022 By webnavigator In Current Events

Vmedia Canada Does not Deliver & Offers Mere Carrots On Stick
Offers Promotional Program Takes Zero Notes Bad Customer

I signed up with Vmedia Come February 12th was my installation date and I signed up easily with a promotional offer while they offer their promotions 90% of the time the experience is the pure carrot on a stick they are not offering you anything special from the rest they are limiting you. Crippling you. Their prices are not cheap enough to be competitive and they have various packages not offered by other companies but it doesn't compare to the promotional offers offered elsewhere.

When I levelled with them and wanted to hear from a human being all I got was on script performances and the added "Stay safe" signed twice nervously seemed like a threat. I was offered a $100 promotional bill credit for each customer I signed up. I thought I had referred my Little Sister no credit. I could be wrong though. I knew I signed up my nephew no credit.

I was offered an insulting $30 discount on my next bill vrs a full $100 mere carrot on stick they are offering this for up to 5 people total you refer after that its 25 each person credits  Absolute scam artists

No Technician
No technician was available or made enough of an effort to check me on the installation date that I had installed the internet. I got a 50% refund while my Nephew Was Angry Enough he got 100% between two months but only because he was paying top dollar for a superior internet plan. They also sent him no technician.

Confusing Shipping Billing Address Conundrum
They confuse addresses and ship to wrong addresses and do not clarify properly with notes on the web pages. When faced with this issue myself I clarified it 5 times in total. And even changed my mind no problem they fixed it but for my nephew? They refused as it had been 'processed' aka an order sent out.

Saving Grace Fast Internet Reliable Service Poor Customer Service and Confusing Invoices. Too little too late. Overall 3/10 stars. Purely for the speed, they offer and reliable service nothing else can be said to be superior their modems overheat easily under stress nothing to see here. WOULD NOT RECOMMEND WAIT FOR A REAL PROMOTION AND SUFFER IF YOU HAVE TO.

Thieves of hard word of mouth study and labour time and effort abyss of time wasting scripts abandon all hope with this company.

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