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The Third book and a preview
Published on December 24, 2021 By webnavigator In Writing

"Hezekiah & The Author wants you to know that wherever you are whatever you are doing the experience is all that there is and was and is to be but within that experience is only a bubble where the experience lays.


The experience is reality and reality is energy. Energy is not only felt it is seen. Beads of light perhaps a matrix of energy or bacteria in the eye. It does not matter it is in transcendentalism to experience this energy. Light is both pure and impure it depends on the intentions of the wielder whether this light is pure or impure evil or good.


Reincarnation is a very real belief for Hezekiah and he believes he has lived his life hundreds perhaps thousands of times over the eons and within the same time periods usually. He is a remote viewer he can view the lifetimes of various people as if the experiences were his own but he can separate the memories and perspectives into those not owned by him and put them aside as if they should reveal themselves later or not at all. 


For example memory of someone saying something to him from their perspective; kept secret until that person reveals their thoughts behind their thoughts then it can be shared "Yes I know and also.... you..." with added wisdom and thought if there are any. You see the timeline may be mailable but it is also fragile."


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