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My choice to promote my work
Published on May 25, 2022 By webnavigator In Writing

I plan to put the second book come June 5th approximately possibly June 10th not sure into this library of books and media its a win win to promote my work and get more viewers and people will want to buy the book too if they like it enough and also I will stop free book promotions due to the exclusivity rights etcetera. But yeah it will still be on Amazon marketplaces and this book library. I am working on the third book slowly but surely now my arm is injured again from pinched nerves in my neck but I am still typing a bit. 

The book club costs 15 USD a month and if you like my work you will enjoy this library as well it has plenty to delve into and you can cancel anytime and rejoin but make sure to talk to support about making sure my Referral link is still in place etcetera for your account so I can benefit a little bit too. I make $2 USD a month off a referral I can gain levels etcetera you can start your own business with it too if you like but make sure plenty of people get the chance to use my referral link if you please and kindly please oblige. If not that's okay too I enjoy people reading my articles too so if you are paying or free it doesn't matter ALL are welcome to enjoy what work I share but if you would like to benefit and support me it is a win win for all wait for a little if you want to see both books in the library just need to wait for the Kindle Select membership to expire and then I can get it reviewed by the Diamond book club board.

Enjoy and remember to save the link

on May 25, 2022

Also, I will be doing a revision/new edition of the first book after I complete the third book to spruce things up a bit