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Misunderstanding on both ends
Published on June 7, 2022 By webnavigator In Current Events

Vmedia Canada 🇨🇦  Is New With Hiccups 

Vmedia lacks certain instructions when dealing with their services but they are willing to make it right somehow.

They offered me 3 months of 20 dollar discount instead of the 100 dollar bill credit.

With that being said I'd rather not switch but it's harder to want to refer people now knowing I was told I should ask people to get on the telephone Instead of doing it online. 

They're a newer company that lacks manpower but that could change one day so I'm sorry I doused them with rage and fury but they said they understand my viewpoints they did offer to escalate it to a supervisor but I'd rather not make a mistake of alienating a valuable service provider unless I'm ready to go make a switch which I'm not but that being said they have hiccups they need more personell. Which is why if you'd like slightly cheaper internet you can use my code and judge for yourselves "are they worthy?" JOSHUA2CZW 

on Jun 10, 2022 is the link for online but it works better if you CALL IN instead please and thank you using he code after the - dash.