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Change the world!
Published on July 23, 2016 By webnavigator In Current Events
(Something I believe firmly that I myself wrote years ago now on a famous facebook group yay! Change the world!  )

As long as you believe in an external world, as long as
you trust that politicians have the power to govern your outer life
and religions to put order in your inner one, you will be deeply
disappointed. ...See the world as it is - a simultaneous creation of
your inner being. According to your inner states and conditions, the
world appears and disappears at will, and can become something
alien and violent if you forget that you yourself are the very source
of its existence...Forget about wars, revolutions and economic, social,
or political reform…Concern yourself with the one who is truly
responsible for everything that happens… Stop thinking about the
dream and take care of the dreamer in you. The greatest revolution,
the most difficult of all undertakings, yet the only one that has any
sense, is changing one’s self...Vision and reality are one and the same thing. All that we see, touch and feel, reality in all its variety, is
nothing more than the projection of an invisible universe which
exists above our known world and which is the true origin of it.
With great difficulty, we can be aware of being surrounded by
invisibility,of living in a world which has its source in dreams,
where all that counts and is real in a person is invisible.I’ve dreamed of an Individual Revolution capable of overturning the mental paradigms of the old humanity and freeing it forever from all conflict, from doubt, fear and pain.No political, religious or philosophical system can change society from the outside. Only an individual revolution, psychological rebirth or healing of the Being, man by man, cell by cell, will be able to lead us towards planetary well-being, towards a more intelligent and peaceful civilization...
one one that is truer and happier.The dream is the most real thing there is... Healing the world means healing yourself… !You have to make your own individual revolution which is based purely upon you.Your vision of
the world creates the world…Our level of Being creates our life… everything that you see and touch is the reflected image of your Being, and comes from your incompleteness, from that gap you bear inside. In existence, there are no empty spaces. If you do not fill them intentionally, by forcing yourself to think and act in a different way, then the world will do it for you, mercilessly...The world is as we dream it…a mirror!We must "Wake up" and recognize that each of us is responsible for all this destruction, wars, and suffering in every corner of the world we have reached the point that we categorize each other...We try to find the external enemy and no one of us is thinking to change himself and this is the real revolution that can change the world....We create a sick world, and then we fear our own creation, the violence that you yourself gave birth to.You think the world is an objective fact…What you call reality is only an image that must be completely overturned...V

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