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Friendships are like roots
Published on June 12, 2016 By webnavigator In Writing
By Joshua Hitching

(Note: Wrote this in highs school )

Friendship Eternal

An alliance not easily broken.
Each friendship is unique.
Not everyone has the same critique.
Now don't take that peek
For what you seek is already there.

Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together
Friendship is that bond that you can get quite fond of.
Accusations gossip
My friend stays with me
Through the hard times through the good times my friend never leaves me.

Friendship eternal
Friendship rarely lasts forever.
Slander tries to penatrate the fortress of eternal greatness.
A true friendship does not yield
For in itself a true friendship is its own shield

Remembering past times old, far and near.
Remembrance is the key.
Remembering what you would do without that friend.
Think of all the times you cant go to bed.
Thinking of the one you hold so dear as a best friend.

Going down that red hot lava
Surfing your memories
From past time good or bad.
Remembering what you used to have.
You com back to the present and ask yourself a question

"Friendship eternal? Is it reality? Will it happen?"

Through the trek of time
We realize friendship doesn't cost a dime
All it requires is a little time
Time with patience
Tolerance and everlasting is what a true friendship is.

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