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Love that burns forever
Published on June 12, 2016 By webnavigator In Writing
By Joshua Hitching

Crazy Love

It's true
True Blue
Thick 'n' through

Cocmpletely and absolutely

Faith is like love
With faith you believe and trust
With love you see something extravegent wihin that special someone

They say love comes from the brain and not the heart
Little do they realize they're both wrong
Love is like singing a song


Love is knowing who your significant other is
Stickin' with it pulling through
Coming to
Realizing what you have

Knowing what others may not have

I'll travel around the globe in eighty days
I'll try and do the impossible trip and fall
I'll remember why I love you

Just to be with you
You know I'll keep trying
There's something more about you I know no one else could

You're special
You're my soul's desire
You're everything

Love is not the hard or difficult times too
Love is pulling through remembering why I love you each day
Llve is a challenge worthy of the best

Love does come from
The brain
The heart

Love is not a chemical reaction
Love is not a sickness though it feels so
Love does make the heart beat

Love is indescribable for me it will always have it's magic

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