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Game Of Food
Published on June 12, 2016 By webnavigator In Writing
By Joshua Hitching

Fast Food
Fast Fast
Can't fast now

I eat it for comfort
I eat it for some sort of consolement
Fast food certailny doesn't get condoned by the body\
It weighs you down

Drags you six feet under
A bite, a bite
A bite more and it drags you just that much closer
To hell

The church bell rings and I -
Can't think
Can't stop

Mezmorized by my own demise
I realize
I realize...
To my own surprise

Voices in my head
Telling me I'm already dead
Demanding I go to bed
In bed I'm

Unable to think
Unable to do anything but sink
Into my matress

To the floor
Bordering hell
I feel like I've fell
And thus I dwell; upon the realization the revelation the eyes opening unto the abyss where hell's eye stares upon my sole (soul).
Locked dead onto my essense and spirit
It can't let go
I can't break free
I can't believe this power that holds me like I'll never be
Never be
Never be
Never be....

I must die free! A slave no more
Break down the door!
Break down the door! Kick it to the floor
Out the door
There I soar upon the blackened skies of yesterday's war.

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